How to get started with Digimap's Ordnance Survey Collection

A list of common Digimap FAQs is available. Please have a look at these out before contacting the Help desk (details at the bottom of the page)


The first thing to do to access a Digimap application is to Login.

For help logging in see the login help page, if you have not previously used Digimap you will first need to register.

The following sections should help you to identify which facility within Digimap you need to use for a particular task:

I want to make a map

Roam is a simple mapping application, allowing you to identify the location for your map using a place name, postcode or grid reference search. You can also double-click or use a slider bar on the map to zoom in.
Maps can be printed at a range of user defined scales and can be printed as PDF, PNG or JPEG files, in both landscape and portrait orientations up to A0 size. You can preview the PDF file before sending it to the printer.


I want to load maps into a desktop GIS application

Data Download: offers all data products. Each product is at a different scale and in different formats. Some are raster data and some are vector data. Now includes OS OpenData datasets and raster versions of OS MasterMap. New interface provides a Roam style map to make selection easier. Also includes access to 1:50,000 scale gazetteer as a single file. NB. although this is available in .csv format, the file is too large to open in MS Excel. You will need a database programme to read the whole file.

It also offers OS MasterMap layers (Topography and ITN) as GML vector data. Change only updates are also available. Use this if you want to created customised large scale maps in a GIS or CAD system.

Includes OS Boundary-Line® data, OS Code-Point® and OS Code-Point® with Polygons.


I want to use a WMS to stream backdrop maps into my GIS application

OpenStream is a free API service offering OS OpenData using WMS technology. It requires a  separate registration but is available to anyone with a email address for free.