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There are several ways to download different datasets from Digimap. The most commonly used are:

Data Download -offers all tiled data products. Each product is at a different scale and in different formats. Some are raster data and some are vector data. Now includes OS OpenData datasets and raster versions of OS MasterMap. New interface provides a Roam style map to make selection easier. Also includes access to 1:50,000 scale gazetteer as a single file. NB. although this is available in .csv format, the file is too large to open in MS Excel. You will need a database programme to read the whole file.

Also offers OS MasterMap layers (Topography and ITN) as GML vector data. Change only updates are also available. Use this if you want to created customised large scale maps in a GIS or CAD system.

Includes OS Boundary-Line® data, OS Code-Point® and OS Code-Point® with Polygons.

ShareGeo - ShareGeo is now a retired service. Data that was on ShareGeo is now available in DataShare.



More detailed instructions on how to use Data Download are available here: How to use Data Download.

More information

More detailed help on Data Download is available here: How to use Data Download. Information on NTF, DXF and loading data into software packages is available within the Digimap help pages, go to the Using Data with GIS section and select the help pages for the software you are using.