Digimap Ordnance Survey® Collection


Digimap provides the UK Higher Education community with digital mapping based on selected Ordnance Survey map products, with full coverage of Great Britain for all of those products. Data is also available to download for use in GIS and CAD software.

Digimap, available since 10 January 2000, is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils (special conditions apply). Details of how to access the service can be found here.

There are extensive help pages detailing how to use every aspect of the service and the data in your own GIS or CAD software:

Digimap OS Collection Help


Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection contains maps at scales ranging from 1:1,250 up to 1:750,000 available for making maps online or for download. There are scanned raster maps which are digital versions of Ordnance Survey's paper maps as well as vector maps at a range of scales including OS MasterMap® the most detailed large scale mapping.

The service includes many other products from Ordnance Survey including postcodes, administrative boundaries, a gazetteer of place names and digital terrain models. For a full list and detailed description see the Products Available page in the OS Help.

Complete coverage of Great Britain is available for all the products listed, except for the Isle of Man, which is not covered by some data products. It is expected that the range of map datasets that are available through Digimap will increase over time.

If you want to know what you can and can't do with the maps and data from Digimap please read the Copyright Terms and Conditions. There is a set of Licence FAQs if you need more clarification about what you intend to do with the maps or data.


What does Digimap offer?

View, annotate and print maps

Roam offers the ability to:

Download map data

Data Download offers downloads of a wide range of map data products for use in GIS or other software.


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