Digimap webinar materials

You can find the materials used to deliver recent Digimap webinars in the table below. The table below only shows the most recent webinar on each topic, if you attended a webinar which isn't listed below we recommend reviewing the materials for the most recent one instead.


Webinar name Date Delivered by: YouTube link Slides Questions and Answers
Learn about... Global Digimap 7 November 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/pJ51vV6M5A0


Learn about... Aerial Digimap 27 June 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/pyl2D8Ud_OA


Learn about... Lidar Digimap 6 June 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/F3RlcUsatc0


Learn about… Using Digimap data with CAD 30 May 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/Kj--LFqmnCA


Learn about... New Roam 23 May 2018 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/1aGOAIYqJVo


Adding fieldwork data to maps 2 May 2018 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/WL79ImRDwIw

Learn about... QGIS and Digimap data 25 April 2018 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/GZOFHBGRPMo


Learn about... New Roam 11 April 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/UDLlH7PSZVU

Learn about... Aerial Digimap 24 January 2018 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/EW5m41AxQ-4

Learn about... QGIS and Digimap data 14 December 2017 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/PIQmzFkHaNc

Learn about... ArcGIS and Digimap data 29 November 2017 Guy McGarva https://youtu.be/JsRVfwZnZLI

Learn about... CAD and Digimap data 15 November 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/a1qwgyI__YM

Preview of new Roam 1 November 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/kSd0-2lnRGc

Introduction for Site Representatives 25 October 2017 Emma Diffley no recording made


Learn about... Digimap copyright and licensing 18 October 2017 Emma Diffley https://youtu.be/tbQhBUDjKlE

Learn about... Aerial Digimap 11 October 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/I6HufXmidOI

3D models using Digimap data 26 April 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/TvAOHz4H_d4


Introduction for Site Reps 29 March 2017 Emma Diffley https://youtu.be/C9mN3JmiPC8

Urban map data in AutoCAD 15 March 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/2ruAIdO-2q0

Aerial Digimap 25 January 2017 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/VtYTJAQBe-c

Aerial Digimap 29 September 2016 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/rAiO4XXRD5Q

Digimap Roam 1 June 2016 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/d8CeLnO0uuw  

Digimap Data Download (Ordnance Survey Collection) 25 May 2016 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/ky_huQrcY3k
[note: recording is from previous webinar run on 11 November 2015]

Digimap Data in QGIS 9 March 2016 Tom Armitage https://youtu.be/EcP2UE-wW00

Geology Digimap 2 March 2016 Tom Armitage



Digimap OS Collection: Copyright 24 February 2016 Emma Diffley https://youtu.be/V-Za_KplB5s

Digimap data in ArcGIS 10

Environment Digimap 9 December 2015 Guy McGarva https://youtu.be/aYpmtfKLrlc

Urban map data for CAD 25 November 2015 Ian Holmes https://youtu.be/Bx2HnNh6XNE


Historic Digimap 18 November 2015 Carol Blackwood https://youtu.be/kCR_M6jDMZ8

Digimap Roam (Ordnance Survey Collection) 28 October 2015 Carol Blackwood https://youtu.be/rzva82Bx1JU


Digimap Site Rep Update 21 October 2015 Emma Diffley https://youtu.be/wWh0UNRoa1o


Digimap Collections: Introduction for new Site Reps 8 July 2015 Emma Diffley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTI8midKJZY


OS MasterMap data and Building Heights – ArcGIS 10 June 2015 Ian Holmes http://youtu.be/1cju-i4XcEw