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April 2020

OS Open Map - Local
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April 2020

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Ordnance Survey OpenData Licence

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Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020



Tile Size:

100 x 100km

Example Uses:
  • Understanding location of key sites
  • Detailed street level map
  • Context backdrop for other data
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OS Open Map - Local is the most detailed street-level open data vector mapping product available and is a great backdrop over which to display and analyse your own data.

OS Open Map - Local is suitable for the following applications:

  • Understanding your area in detail, including the location of key sites such as schools and hospitals.
  • Sharing of high-quality maps of development proposals to help interested parties to understand their extent and impact.
  • Analysis of data in relation to important public buildings, roads, railways, lines and more.
  • Presentation of accurate information consistently with other available open data products.
For more information about the product see the official Ordnance Survey User Guide:


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OS QML files

** Additional style files exist for GML data loaded in to Oracle and PostGIS using GO Loader from Snowflake Software: these can be found here.

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