Digimap Registration


Registration is required under the terms of the licence for the data that is available through Digimap. It is an automated two-step process:

  1. Register your details with Digimap.
  2. Accept the licence agreements associated with each Collection.

Each step is described in further detail below.

Registering with Digimap

  1. Login to Digimap using your normal institutional credentials.
  2. Once you have logged in you will be prompted to Register. Click on the message (Or the Register button at the top right of the interface, or one of the applications eg. Roam):

  3. You will be asked to register with Enter Details screen which you should complete with your information:

    Note: the email address that you enter does not need to be your institutional address, Gmail, Hotmail etc. are acceptable. However this should be an address that you regularly use as the verification link will be sent to the email address that you enter here.

  4. Press the Next button to move to the Summary screen.
  5. The Summary screen shows a summary of the information that you entered. Use the Back button to go change any information that is incorrect. Please take time to ensure your email address is correct; often University email addresses have an extra word like "student" or "sms" after the "@".
  6. Press the Submit button to register for Digimap and a message will open on the screen:

    The following message will display until you take the next step and verify your email address.
  7. An email will be sent to the address you entered in the Enter Details screen containing a link to activate your account. The link will remain valid for 24 hours. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder.

  8. If you delete the email accidentally you can use the link at the to right of the home page to re-send it:

  9. Open the email and click on the 'Verify email address' button to let us know this is your genuine email address; a confirmation message will be displayed in your default web browser. TO move on to the next step click on the green Agree Licences button:

Agreeing to licences for Digimap Collections

After verifying your email address you will need to agree to the licences for each of the specific Digimap collections that you wish to use, this is done through the licence agreements page.

  1. After clicking the green button the Licence Agreements screen should automatically popup:
  2. If the Licence Agreements screen does not automatically appear you can bring it up by clicking on the Licence Agreements button at the top of the page:
  3. Each collection has a separate licence agreement which can be viewed by expanding the box for each collection.
  4. You should read the licence agreement carefully and only accept it if you agree to the terms of use for the collection. Links to printer friendly versions of each licence are also included. To accept the licence select the I Accept checkbox and select a purpose from the drop-down list of available options. If you intend to use the service for more than one purpose please select the main purpose for which you will be using it.
  5. You can accept the licence agreements for as many collections as you wish at this stage. Once you are happy with your choices press the Next button to recap what you have agreed to, if you are happy click the green Submit button, if you want to make changes then click Back:
  6. A success screen will let you know if you now have access to the collections you have activated:
  7. You are now ready to start using Digimap. Access to the selected Collections is immediate unless you select 'other' as your purpose for accessing a Collection. If you selected 'other' the EDINA helpdesk may contact you for further information to verify your intended purpose.

Agreeing to other licences at a later date

You can accept the licences for additional collections at any time. The Licence Agreements page is accessed by clicking on the Licence Agreements button at the top of the page:

Note: if the Licence Agreements button is not present on the Digimap homepage it means that you have already accepted all the licence agreements for all Collections that your institution subscribes to.

The Licence Agreements page displays all the collections to which your institution subscribes, these will be colour coded as shown below:

Green - you have already agreed to the licence conditions for these collections

Brown - your application is pending approval from the EDINA helpdesk, this situation arises when you have selected 'other' as your purpose for accessing the collection.

Blue - you have not yet agreed to the licence conditions for these collections


You can accept additional licence agreements (those displayed in blue, as shown above) selecting a purpose for each one. Use the 'Confirm Selections' button to submit your changes.