How to view, annotate and print maps

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What is Roam?

Roam is an application where you can view, print and annotate maps. The guidance below will help you get started with the key functions.


Roam variations

Roam applications vary slightly between collections. See the individual help pages for information on how they work:

Functions in left panel

Lots of the functions in Roam can be found in the left panel. If you can't see it select the arrow at the bottom left of Roam.

left panel of Roam
















Zoom and pan


You can zoom by:



You can pan the map by:



You can search for a location in Roam using a place name, road name, postcode, grid reference, easting/northing or latitude/longitude.


search button image

search results box



Select basemaps

Some collections offer a selection of basemaps.

  1. Use the Basemaps button image of Basemaps button to change the default Basemap that is being displayed.



Select map features

Some collections offer feature selection.

  1. The Map Content area in the left panel can be used to turn different features of the map on and off.
  2. Note: Map Content is not available for every map. To find a map where you can do this, try checking the different Basemaps.
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to any unwanted layers and customise your map display.  


map content area




Add drawings

The drawing tools in Digimap Roam allow you to draw symbols, lines, shapes and text on your maps.

You can add labels to your features and select colours and styles.


Click Drawing Tools on the left panel:

drawing tools image



For more detail help on the Drawing Tools, please see the How to use the Drawing Tools help page.


Save your map


View saved maps

My Maps save area



Print your map

The image of print button print button on the top menu bar takes you to a print window where you can create A4 to A0 files to print.



image of Print window