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Following an agreement made between the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and Landmark Information Group, EDINA offers a subscription service which delivers the valuable Landmark historic map collection to Tertiary Education. This service is called Historic Digimap and is one of the Digimap Collections.

The Landmark historic map data are digital scans of OS paper map sheets including:

Historic Digimap is one service in the Digimap Collections. Users can view maps through web browsers, save maps for printing and download the historic map data for use in geographical information systems.

There are extensive help pages detailing how to use every aspect of the service and the data in your own GIS or CAD software:

Historic Digimap Help


Historic Digimap contains map data at scales ranging from 1:10,560 to 1:500 and dates ranging from 1843 to 1996; available for making maps online or for download. For a full list and detailed description see the Products Available page.

Historic Digimap has complete datasets for all the map series listed on the Products page, however not all the surveys have national coverage. First editions tend to have the most or even complete coverage, whereas the revisions tend to concentrate on area that change the most such as cities. Coverage maps are available in the service for each dataset. The town plans cover most of the towns and cities that had a population of around 4000 and over at the time of survey, a full list of towns covered is available to users in the help pages.

If you want to know what you can and can't do with the maps and data from Digimap please read the Landmark Licence Agreement.

What does Historic Digimap offer?

View, annotate and print maps

Ancient Roam offers the ability to:

Download map data

Historic Data Download offers downloads of historic maps for use in GIS or other software.


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