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Marine Digimap is part of the Digimap Collection of on-line mapping and data delivery facilities. Users are able to view maps through their web browser, save them for printing and download the marine and coastal data for use in geographical information systems.

Marine Digimap, available since January 2008, is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils (special conditions apply). Details of how to access the service can be found here.

There are extensive help pages detailing how to use every aspect of the service and the data in your own GIS or CAD software:

Marine Digimap Help



Marine Digimap contains scanned and georeferenced marine maps at scales ranging from 1:3,500,000 to 1:2,500 available for making maps online or for download. There is also vector data containing a huge range of themes covering all aspects of marine spatial information. For a full list and detailed description see the Products Available page.

If you want to know what you can and can't do with the maps and data from Digimap please read the Copyright Terms and Conditions. There is a set of Licence FAQs if you need more clarification about what you intend to do with the maps or data.

What does Marine Digimap offer?

View, annotate and print maps

Marine Roam and Chart Roam offer the ability to:


Download map data

Marine Data Download offers downloads of a wide range of map data products for use in GIS or other software.


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