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January 2016

Sample image of Meridian
Download allowance:
  • Meridian 2 tiles: 100 tiles
  • Meridian 2 national coverage: No limit
Formats Available:
  • Meridian 2 tiles: DXF
  • Meridian 2 national coverage: SHP, TAB
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Terms of Use:

Ordnance Survey OpenData Licence

Copyright Statement:

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020



Tile Size:

10 x 10km

Example Uses:
  • Site location analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Network analysis.
Official Information Sources:


Note: This dataset is no longer updated. Meridian™ 2 was withdrawn by Ordnance Survey as of March 2017. OS VectorMap® District is recommended as a suitable alternative.

Meridian 2 is a district based dataset useful for activities such as decision making in planning. It is a geometrically structured vector database customised from a variety of Ordnance Survey data sets that define the real world geographic entities (objects) as point and line features. Each feature consists of geometric and attribute data. A key feature is the detailed road network.  Meridian comprises seven layers:

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Administrative areas
  • Urban area extents
  • Hydrology
  • Woodland area extents
  • Cartographic names


For more information about the product see the official Ordnance Survey User Guide:


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OS QML files
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** Additional style files exist for ShapeFile data loaded in to Oracle and PostGIS using GO Loader from Snowflake Software: these can be found here.

Printable Legend:

Printable Meridian 2 legend (with Land-Form PANORAMA)

Sample Data:

Click here for a larger sample image of Meridian 2