OS Building Heights (Alpha)

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October 2019

Sample of MasterMap Building Height Attribute
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20 tiles

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CSV, KML, File Geodatabase, DWG

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OS Digimap Licence

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© Crown copyright and database rights 2020 Ordnance Survey (100025252)



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5km x 5km

Example Uses:
  • 3D visualisation of landscapes;
  • land and property analysis;
  • environmental investigation such as wind storm modelling.

Official Information Sources:


Building Height Attribute (BHA) is a dataset consisting of a number of different height attributes for each building in OS MasterMap Topography Layer. The height attributes provided for each building are:

  • ground level [AbsHMin]
  • the base of the roof [AbsH2]
  • highest part of the roof [AbsHMax]

Using these three values two additional relative heights are calculated:

  • relative height from ground level to the highest part of the roof [RelHMax]
  • relative height from ground level to base of the roof [RelH2]

BHA is available as an alpha release from OS who do not guarantee that the dataset is error free or accurate. Additionally the dataset is not subject to update and maintenance. However in time OS intend to include BHA in OS MasterMap Topography Layer so in future it will be supplied and maintained as a part of the Topography Layer.

Please note: BHA data is not currently available for the whole country; the current alpha release of BHA covers around 10,000km2 of the major towns and cities in Great Britain. You should consult the interactive map published by the OS to see if data exists for your area of interest.

For more information about the product see the official Ordnance Survey User Guide:


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