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March 2012

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Please note: Scotland's Greenspace Map is produced by and not Ordnance Survey. However the dataset was created using OS MasterMap® Topography Layer so it is subject to the same licence conditions as the other licensed Ordnance Survey datasets.


1:100,000 to 1:2,500

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N/A - national (Scotland) coverage

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  • Inform the development of policy, practice and research
  • Study the effects of open space on health
  • Analyse climate change adaptation opportunities
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Note:  Scotland's Greenspace Map has been withdrawn by Ordnance Survey and is no longer updated.  Scotland's Greenspace Map has been superseded by OS Open Greenspace and OS MasterMap® Greenspace Layer.

Scotland's Greenspace Map provides information about the type and extent of greenspace in urban Scotland (i.e. towns and cities with a population of over 3000). It was compiled in 2011 from greenspace data provided by the 32 Scottish local authorities.

It categorises greenspace into 23 different open space types (for example, public parks, private gardens, play areas, semi-natural, community gardens and allotments). These types are based on the Planning and Advice Note (PAN) 65 Planning and Open Space. Sometimes one area has more than one type of greenspace. For example, the main (primary) use of the area may be a public park, but within this, an area is used as a play area (secondary use). The primary use is shown as a block of colour and the secondary use is shown as an area of hatching.

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