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Our maps and data

Verisk Digimap provides access to the following spatial data products from Verisk 3D Visual Intelligence UK:


A modern, highly detailed, feature-rich mapping database of Greater London. Its unique, innovative design offers users a flexible choice of integrated map features within a single geographic information source. Based on 1:1,000 scale topographic mapping, UKMap accurately locates buildings, garages, property boundaries, roads, trees and a multitude of other features. UKMap is being utilised by a number of key commercial and public organisations such as Metropolitan Police, Thames Water, Arup, London Fire, TfL and many more.


A unique database created and regularly updated to help you understand the age, structure, characteristics and use, of commercial, public and residential buildings across GB.

UKBuildings is available for the whole of Great Britain and the Belfast urban area in Northern Ireland. Ther datae includes detailed information on building locations and 3D footprints, height, building use, and residential type classifications. The most detailed information is available in more than 500 urban areas.


A national land information database providing a detailed consistent breakdown of the use of land across the UK. The data includes a basic, high-level land data classification (man-made, natural, agricultural or water) and a more detailed set of 27 classes. These are made up of the following:

  • Natural areas (sand dunes, rockscapes, heath and moorland…)

  • A range of agricultural types (mainly crops, mixed-use, vineyards, glasshouses…)

  • Woodlands (Deciduous, Coniferous, Mixed…)

  • Built environments (A range of urban densities, Business Parks, Industrial, Retail Parks…)